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Mental Health and Justice Services

Click here to learn all about our Mental Health and Justice Services, which offer advocacy and individual assistance in accessing community resources and services to individuals experiencing mental health concerns who are also charged with a criminal offence in the Waterloo and Wellington.

Specific services such as bail support, mental health court, drug treatment court and mental health diversion for youth and adults are offered at the discretion of the Crown Attorney and Judiciary. Probation support and coordination is available to adults only in Waterloo Region. We also provide adult support coordination and youth counselling, as appropriate, for individuals who are on probation.

We have also prepared a booklet called Mental Health, the Justice System and You. Please click the link to download this helpful book that helps explain justice system processes and who can provide you with help.

In March 2016, in partnership with Lutherwood, we published the resource booklet, Navigating the Youth Justice & Mental Health Systems. Please click the link to download this resource that contains helpful information and tips for situations involving a youth moving through the criminal justice system as applied by the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

How to access Mental Health and Justice Services

Please call Here 24/7 at 1 844 437 3247

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