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Mental Health Promotion and Education

CMHA Waterloo Wellington offers Mental Health Promotion and Education across the region, including Cambridge, Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Centre and North Wellington and surrounding areas.

Our team of highly trained mental health educators share learnings with large businesses, small organizations, sports teams and coaches, service clubs, churches, social clubs, schools, families and more!

There is a wide range of topics available including, but not limited to, understanding mental health, self-care, coping strategies, mindfulness, stigma and suicide. Sessions range from one-hour workshops to multi-day certification courses, based on the topic and need.

Our education programs fit into five primary categories.  Click on the title below to learn more.

  • Certificate Programs

    Our certificate programs offer in-depth training developed by expert partners, including Living Works, CMHA National, and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. We offer community sessions and private group sessions.  Each course has specific age and attendance requirements.

    Learn more about Certificate Programs.

  • Family Education

    Family education is offered to those providing support to an adult loved one with serious mental health issues. We host a fall and spring education series, as well as family focused special events (training, conferences, etc. throughout the year).

    Learn more about Family Education.

  • Public Education

    These programs are available to all members of our community and can be delivered for little to no cost. These are not certification programs but provide participants with a valuable learning opportunity that can develop skills to support themselves and others.  We offer community and private group sessions.

    Our team is also available to support the community by attending wellness and information fairs to share information with attendees about the services provided by CMHA Waterloo Wellington.

    Learn more about Public Education.

  • Workplace and Corporate Wellness Programs

    Our corporate and workplace services are custom designed sessions for professionals in their workplace. These courses provide skills for leadership to support staff, as well as skill building for staff who support clients/patients/consumers.

    Workplace programs can include customized trainings, certificate programs, wellness program audits, psychological health and safety support and more.

    Learn more about Workplace and Corporate Wellness Programs

  • YouthTALK

    The YouthTALK program supports youth to create and deliver peer-led projects in school that address mental health concerns, promote resiliency and connect people with valuable resources.  A regional team of youth also plan and host a youth conference each spring.

    Learn more about YouthTALK.

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