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Workplace and Corporate Wellness Training

Our workplace and corporate wellness training programs are custom designed for professionals in their workplace. These courses provide skills for leadership to support staff, as well as skill building for staff who support clients/patients/consumers.

Employee wellness can be seen to improve when approaching mental wellness through a variety of tools. This can include customized training, certificate programs, wellness program audits, psychological health and safety support and more.

Psychological Health & Safety Consulting 

Learn why the Canadian Standard for Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace is so important to retain employees, increase productivity and decrease costs.  We can help you assess the current practices in your workplace and develop a customized wellness plan for your business!

Wellness Program Audits

Through document reviews, employee engagement, and interviews, we’ll provide you a comprehensive review of your current state of wellness, along with practical tools and strategies to support the wellness of your staff.

Certificate Programs

Courses and Workshops

Employee Engagement Activities

For more information about workplaces wellness and training plans, contact or 1-844-264-2993 ext 2036.

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