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Eating Disorders: Family and Friends Education and Support Group

A place to share or just to listen – in a non-judgmental atmosphere – with people who have experiences helping a loved one recover from an eating disorder. This mutual aid group provides: support and encouragement; information on how and where to get help; insights on books and electronic media; special guest speakers such as therapists and dietitians; and suggestions about how to take care of yourself while helping your loved one.

Family and Friends Support Group Meetings 2023

We are continuing with virtual Zoom meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30. To receive a link to join a meeting, please email us at

January 12, 2023 – We welcome Joy Guthrie, Registered Dietician, who has worked with those struggling with an eating disorder.  She will add to our knowledge about nutrition, share strategies and respond to our questions. Check her website at

January 28, 2023 – Meeting cancelled

February 8 (Wednesday) – We encourage you to join the virtual FACES of Recovery event (7:00 to 8:30), organized annually by the Waterloo Wellington Eating Disorders Coalition to recognize Eating Disorders Awareness Week.  A panel of individuals will share stories of their recovery journey.  More information about how to register will be available in January.

February 23 – Open discussion and sharing

March 9 – Our guest presenter will be individual and family therapist Candy MacNeil (MSc), a very experienced and much sought-after clinician.  Earlier Candy worked at Homewood’s Eating Disorders Treatment program but for the last several years has had a private practice based in Guelph. Her website has a wealth of information – You will not want to miss her presentation.

March 23 – Open discussion and sharing

April 13 – We again welcome Christina Hyland (She/Her) PhD, MSW, RHN, EDIT.  Her website is  Along with her own personal healing from an ED, she is currently a therapist in the ED field. We hope to hear more about the helpfulness of ‘experiential healing’ as an important component beyond ‘intellectual learning’ in recovery from an ED.

April 27 – Open discussion and sharing

May 11 – Open discussion and sharing

May 25 – We are fortunate to have Chloe Grande, MA, as a guest presenter.  Chloe will share her story of recovery and how this experience has shaped her career as a speaker and writer on this topic.  Her social media platforms (including Twitter and Instagram) have a large following given Chloe’s engaging honesty about her successes and challenges.  Check out her website at

June 8 – Open discussion and sharing

June 22 – Dr. Karen Trollope, Physician and Co-founder (with her daughter) of Body Brave, will again join us.  Karen will share how her daughter’s recovery journey from an eating disorder stimulated them to start this incredibly helpful treatment service.  She will also provide updates on current treatment trends.  Body Brave has recently partnered with Eating Disorders Nova Scotia to expand online services across Canada. Go to for more information.

July, August – We offer one meeting each month TBA

We have started a YouTube channel to provide clients with tips for staying on track with recovery through these unprecedented times:

Here are some resources from around the globe that may be helpful in maintaining you eating disorder recovery journey through the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Butterfly Foundation: 

This is an Australian website with helpful ideas about dealing with an eating disorder in the midst of COVID-19

Beat Eating Disorders: 

This charity from the UK has additional information about managing an eating disorder through COVID-19

Body Brave: 

This Hamilton-based charitable organization is offering online education and support groups for a minimal cost

National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC): 

Canada’s support service with headquarters in Toronto is posting links to many helpful resources.  They also offer a Helpline Monday to Friday: 1-866-NEDIC-20

Emotion-Focused Family Therapy: 

This website includes resources for parents supporting a loved one with an eating disorder which are particularly helpful with learning communication skills in these difficult, emotion-filled times.


Skill-based Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder: The New Maudsley Method, Second Edition, 2017 by Dr. Janet Treasure

This book is full of many practical suggestions  for helping a loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder.

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