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Peer Support Groups

Peer Support is about helping another person move on with their life – to recover.

This involves:

A Peer is anyone you share a mutual experience with. That experience can include, but is not limited too, mental health or substance use diagnosis or symptoms, and involvement with mental health/addictions systems.

It is the act of people who have had similar experiences with a mental health and/or addiction issue giving each other encouragement, hope, assistance, guidance, and understanding that aids in recovery.

We have virtual and in-person peer support options!

Currently the majority of our groups are offered virtually (by telephone or video, depending on your preference).  Individual peer support is available in-person or virtually for those who access our group services.

All Self Help & Peer Support groups are open to adults living in Waterloo Wellington communities who identify as living with mental health or/and addiction issues. Participant’s can choose to attend any combination of drop-in and recovery learning groups.

NEW!  You can join the majority of our drop-in groups right away, using the connection details posted in the calendar with each groups description.

To join a recovery learning (enrolled) group or if group connection details are not included with a group’s description, or if you have questions, please email

Program Calendars

Please Note: Groups are for adult residents of Waterloo-Wellington ONLY. Unfortunately, we cannot accept participants from outside of Waterloo Region, Guelph and Wellington County.

About Our Groups

Group Cancellations

In the event that we need to cancel a group session, we will post it to our Facebook page at:

We will also change our Group Cancellation line message at 1-844-CMHA WW3 (1-844-264-2993) ext. 4004.

If you have participated in Self Help & Peer Support services, we would love your anonymous feedback:

Joining our virtual drop-in groups is easy!

Use the connection details in the calendar and join in! Questions? Email

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