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Together in the Journey – Up & Running Coach


We celebrate each other’s wins, we grieve each other’s losses, we are in this journey of life together. It brings me a tremendous amount of joy to volunteer with Up and Running Guelph, we laugh and have fun…no matter if it is raining, snowing or sunny. The entire group wants everyone to feel welcome and good.

Two years ago, I began volunteering as a coach with Up and Running Guelph, a group walking and running program that supports people looking to improve their mental health or sense of isolation through community, exercise, and nature. Moving with people outdoors has personally helped me out of dark places, and volunteering with Up and Running fills my cup by providing a regular commitment to run with a group of fantastic women weekly.

The group truly cares for one another, After each Up and Running session, everyone leaves three inches taller, buoyed by the wisdom of the group and collective life experience shared with whoever needs it in that moment.

Life is full of ups & downs. When it comes to mental health, be kind and patient with yourself and those around you. I value being part of a program like Up & Running that encourages participants to show up in whatever way they can, and we celebrate the showing up. Every little step is a step forward.

The Shopper’s Run for Women is a fun and inviting event that celebrates social connections, being outside in nature, and moving our bodies – the three pillars of Up and Running Guelph.

Join Up and Running or gather a group of people and move together outside. This simple first step creates a win for your body, soul and mind.

To register or donate to the Shopper’s Run for Women, visit: Run for Women – Run for Women

As an added bonus, our friends at Up & Running Guelph are offering a series of pop-up workshops to help you train and feel your very best at the Shopper’s Run for Women on May 11th! There will be 14 events (2 at Conestoga College, Doon Campus and 12 at Riverside Park in Guelph) between April 22nd and May 9th. 

Please click here to register, you will notice a fee of $5/event, as a Run for Women participant you can use the code CMHAWW2024 to waive the registration fee (unlimited use).

Learn more about Up and Running here: Up and Running Guelph

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