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Infant and Child Development

Welcome to the Infant and Child Development Program at the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington Branch (CMHA WW). We use a family centred approach. The pivotal role of the family is recognized and respected.

Babies start learning about their world at birth by looking, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and moving. This learning generally follows a predictable path. New abilities are acquired in about the same order for most children. For infants and children whose developmental progress may be at risk or delayed, our Infant and Child Development Consultants (I&CD) will provide parents with the information they need to help their child learn to his or her potential.

Available Services

For more information on available services, please click here.

Need to Cancel an Appointment?

If you cannot attend a session, please call your consultant as soon as possible. If a family member is sick, please call your consultant to discuss whether or not they should attend the visit.

Our toll free number is 1-844-CMHA-WW3 (1-844-264-2993)

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