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CMHA Waterloo Wellington: Children & Youth Services Building – 737 Woolwich Street Guelph

These are exciting days in Guelph-Wellington as we have moved into our new home for children and youth mental health and developmental services in the community.

CMHA Waterloo Wellington’s Children’s Services has moved from 485 Silvercreek Parkway North Unit 1 to 737 Woolwich Street in Guelph. We are open for service at our new location.

Located at 737 Woolwich St in Guelph, CMHA WW‘s Children and Youth Services building is a hub for child and youth mental health services as well as developmental services in Guelph-Wellington. The new space allows CMHA Waterloo Wellington’s children’s and administrative services to centralize in one Guelph location.

This NEW, 48,000 sq ft, three-floor building is a “one-stop-shop” for over 30 service providers, making it easy and seamless for 9,000 local children, youth up to age 26, and their families to get what they need to reach their full potential.

We are excited to welcome children, youth and their families to a building that has been designed by them! Half of the first floor and all of the second floor at 737 Woolwich is home to children’s services team, which includes the following supports and care options: counselling and treatment 0-18, child psychiatry, crisis, youth outreach, intensive service coordination, childcare and early years programming, family support options, infant and child development support and a walk-in service for children, youth, and families (every Tuesday afternoon!).

Your Support is Needed

As we have opened the doors of this innovative service model, we are facing difficult funding realities. The financial pressures for the remaining capital expenditures are risking our ability to deliver the services this building was designed for – at a time when service needs are rising, and our kids are facing a mental health crisis.

This gap can only be closed by your support. Now is the time for you to stand alongside other local businesses, corporate partners, and the members of this community who have invested in this innovative project.

Together we will celebrate with our community what this transformational space will mean for our children and youth today and for generations to come.

Innovative Space

Approximately 28.5% of the clients served by CMHA Waterloo Wellington within this facility will be served through Children’s Developmental Services and 71.5% by Children’s Mental Health services.

The first floor is also home of the Grove Youth Wellness Hub, a Youth Wellness Hubs of Ontario initiative. The Grove Youth Wellness Hubs is a collaborative initiative, providing youth ages 12-26 with the support they need to build positive, bright futures. The Grove offers tangible solutions to the ongoing youth mental health crisis. From recreation, education and career support to counselling and peer-to-peer programs, The Grove provides help and encouragement to every youth in the community.

The second floor of 737 Woolwich Street has a commercial kitchen, there are also multi-purpose spaces throughout the building to be used to deliver community-based workshops, providing participants with valuable learning opportunities that develop skills to support themselves and others. The third floor is home to CMHA Waterloo Wellington administrative offices.

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