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Faces of CMHA: Daria B, HR Generalist


1.What is involved in your role?

As an HR Generalist, my role is responsible for supporting the leadership team with their recruitment activities, from updating job descriptions, postings and screening candidates, presenting offers of employment and on-boarding of new staff.  In addition to recruitment, my role is the first point of contact for staff inquiries and assisting both staff and managers in navigating the policies and procedures of employment.

2.What brought you to CMHA?

I love this community.  I grew up here, built my life here and am raising my children here.  I want this community to be a strong and healthy one but see every day the struggles and challenges our friends and family members face. The mental health and addictions journey that impacts ALL of us, isn’t an easy one, not for the person experiencing it firsthand and not for their loved ones. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to work for an organization that supports, inspires and advocates for people to get what they need to heal and be the best they can be.  Although I am not on the frontlines of this work, I hope the work I do behind the scenes can continue to contribute to building an environment where staff feel appreciated and supported in the important work they do.  

3.How do you support people at CMHA in your role?

I work with team leaders to ensure that we are fully staffed with skilled, passionate and dedicated people whose values align with the values of CMHA.  My role helps build strong teams who can take on the challenges of the difficult day-to-day work to make our community a strong and healthy one.  

4.What are you proud of during your time at CMHA?

My favourite part of my job is watching individuals grow and develop into their roles. From the beginning feelings of uncertainty and nervousness during the recruitment process to just a few months later, seeing how someone is building confidence in their work and taking ownership of their role is a super cool thing to watch. I am always SO proud of the amazing people that join CMHA and know we are very lucky to have them on our team!

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Follow the ‘Faces of CMHA’ series for a glimpse into the lives of the people who spend each day at the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington working to inspire and support people to achieve the quality of life they desire. Join our team, click here to view current employment opportunities at CMHA WW.

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