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Resiliency during the COVID-19 Outbreak

CMHA recognizes that at this time of uncertainty, symptoms of anxiety and depression may be exacerbated. These five basic tips may help individuals experiencing heightened mental health concerns to remain calm and balanced as this public health situation unfolds.

Online Supports:


Connected Breath: Guided practice breathing

Articles and Blogs:

Coronavirus Social Story for Kids

WDGPH Taking Care of Your Mental Health During Social Distancing and Self-Isolation

BBC CoronaVirus: How to Protect Your Mental Health

Talk to Kids About the Coronavirus

WHO Mental Health Considerations during COVID-19 Outbreak

WHO Coping with Stress


A Three Step Approach to Managing Uncertainty

Tip Sheets:

Talking to your Anxious Child about Covid-19

Things you can do to manage anxiety

Strategies for Safer Substance Use

Grounding Activities: a list of things to do when feeling anxious, uneasy and overwhelmed.

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