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CMHA WW celebrates Seniors’ Month


CMHA Waterloo Wellington joins individuals and organizations across the province to celebrate Seniors’ Month in June.

Seniors’ Month is an important time to celebrate the valuable contributions older adults make in communities across Ontario and reflect on the way they are supported. CMHA Waterloo Wellington is dedicated to supporting the well-being of all people throughout their lives, including an important focus on older people.

One in four Canadian seniors currently live with a mental health issue. In addition, seniors are often undertreated for mental health problems, due to symptoms of mental health issues being mistaken for other conditions, discrimination and stigma, service availability, and physical and financial challenges.

CMHA Waterloo Wellington offers a number of services for seniors, including Intensive Geriatric Services and Seniors Mental Health.

Our Intensive Geriatric Services program supports seniors who have complex medical and/or mental health needs. A team member works closely with the senior’s support network and promotes independence, self-directed care and quality of life through the coordination of appropriate services and support for the senior.

Our Seniors Mental Health program is an assessment and treatment program for seniors living in Guelph and Wellington County who are experiencing mental health concerns which may include: depression, mood changes, dementia and/or anxiety. The team provides a comprehensive geriatric assessment that will include a medical and mental health history and screening.

To find Seniors’ Month events in your community, follow the hashtag #SeniorsMonth on Twitter.

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