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Celebrating Peer Support across the Globe


Living with a mental illness can make you feel isolated. The stigma associated with mental illness doesn’t help, either. The typical route to recovery can involve counselling and medication. But, there’s a powerful recovery tool that is often left untapped. This tool is peer support.

A peer supporter is an individual with experience living with a mental illness who is trained to act as a recovery guide. These support workers share knowledge and experiences – something that a counsellor or medical professional who doesn’t share these experiences may not be able to do. From sharing coping strategies to helping navigate the mental health system, the relationship between an individual and their certified peer supporter is one that is supportive and encouraging. It inspires hope.

What’s more is that the relationship is mutually beneficial. Just as a peer supporter provides advice and guidance to the individual seeking support, the peer supporter can also experience benefits in their own life.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to mental health recovery, but peer support can help you find what works for you.

Today, CMHA joins organizations and individuals across the world in celebrating Global Peer Support Day. Join us in recognizing the power of peer support and the tremendous contribution of peer support workers.

CMHA WW has a very strong Peer Support component to our services. Self Help and Peer Support at CMHA WW provides:

On average 50 people per day access groups and 1:1 support at CMHA WW. We have 50 volunteers within Peer Support and average 8 groups/day and 6 ppl/group.

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