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United By Music Raises Over $4,000 for CMHA WW


It started with an idea, four friends with a similar experience wanting to help others. At the end of August, Matt Platt, Chris Czaniecki, Jonah Greenbaum-Shinder, and Christian Carlucci held United by Music, an event for University of Guelph Grad students in support of mental health. The four young men are either current or former grad students and shared that at times studying at the graduate level can be very isolating and stressful. They wanted to create an event where students could enjoy live music and increase mental health awareness in the student community, destigmatize the conversation surrounding mental health and empower individuals to seek appropriate support.

“Many students believe these struggles are a normal experience of post-secondary education. Although the academic atmosphere can evoke stressful circumstances, it is essential we ensure these experiences do not negatively impact mental health.” says Chris Czaniecki

The event was held at DSTRCT in downtown Guelph, and featured a combination of live music and shared personal experiences. Over 100 people attended and $4,000 was raised in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington.

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