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Adult Psychiatry

How it works

Psychiatry assessments are provided on a consultation basis and are often limited to 1 or 2 sessions. To initiate a Psychiatry assessment, your Family Physician may refer you if they feel it is necessary. Your doctor will then use the recommendations identified in the Psychiatry assessment as a treatment guide and will monitor your needs as necessary.

Psychiatry assessment services are available for those individuals who are experiencing significant concerns with their mental health. A Psychiatrist can assist by clarifying symptoms and diagnoses, as well as making treatment recommendations. The Psychiatrist will consult and collaborate with you, your family (should you desire this) and your Family Physician/Nurse Practitioner to develop an individual treatment guide for you.

Is this service right for me?

To qualify for Adult Psychiatry Services at CMHA WW you must be:

What to expect from our program

Accessing our service

You are encouraged to discuss your concerns with your Family Physician. To access psychiatry services, your physician will need to submit a referral to Here 24/7 (CMHA WW’s Coordinated Access and Information Referral Team). You will be contacted by a Here24/7 Service Coordinator who will follow up with you regarding the referral.

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