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Eating Disorders Awareness Week – February 1-7th


February 1-7th is Eating Disorders Awareness Week – help us raise awareness about Eating Disorders. There are a variety of influences with eating disorders, including personality and genetics, as well as biochemical, socio-cultural, familial, and experiential factors. Each individual is different, and no two stories are the same. It is important to be educated about eating disorders and find the type of treatment that works best for each person.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Eating Disorders have increased in Canada’s youth. Learn the risks, causes and how to offer support, click here to learn more.

Social isolation, increased screen time and disrupted routines have wreaked havoc on Canada’s youth, contributing to the rise of Eating Disorders among children and adolescents. The Pandemic has also taken a toll on individuals with Eating Disorders, increased anxiety, symptoms and behaviours of eating disorders and risk of relapse.

The Waterloo Wellington Eating Disorders Coalition is hosting a ‘Faces of Recovery’ event on February 9, 2022 at 7:000 – 8:30pm. This is a panel of people with lived experiences of Eating Disorders and family members who have supported people recovering from Eating Disorders speaking about their experiences. This is a free event and you can register here.

Referrals for Eating Disorders programs at the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington have tripled since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and is now being identified in younger children. Unfortunately, with a mental illness such as an eating disorder; the situation can get worse for people if they need to wait a long time for support. Eating Disorders have the highest overall mortality rate of any mental illness, with estimates between 10-15%.

By donating to CMHA WW you are helping people experiencing an eating disorder receive the support they desperately need quickly. Please click here to donate to support the program.

To learn more about CMHA WW’s Eating Disorders program, click here.

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