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Eating Disorders: Getting Help for Yourself

If you have an eating disorder, you may feel:

Many people with eating disorders think that going to a therapist or counselor makes them weak or a failure. You may worry about wasting a professional’s time. You may believe the problem is not so bad? or that you should fix it yourself. False!

Because there are different types of supports available, it is important to find the support that works best for you. Be persistent, seek alternatives if you are not satisfied but don’t give up.

Once you have decided to get help, your courage and belief that you deserve a better way of life are to be commended. Recovery is the result of many tries at many small steps. Recovery takes time, but everyone starts somewhere.

It takes a lot of strength to make this first step. Congratulations!

Information Packages

Here are some materials that you may find helpful in your journey to recovery:

So what do I do now?

Maintain medical care. Information for your Family Physician can be printed off to give to your doctor so that they are aware of a Physicians Manual in the Treatment of Eating Disorders that has been specifically designed for family doctors to help in the recovery process.

Find a treatment provider that you are comfortable with. Learn more about the disorder, and what might be helpful to you from credible websites (see Directory above) and books. Click on Recommended Reading for a list and brief description of books others have found helpful. Many of these books are available at the public library.

Here are a few other articles / resources that you might find useful to keep:

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