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Intensive Geriatric Services

This regional service supports seniors who have complex medical and/or mental health needs. A team member follows up with the senior in their home once a comprehensive geriatric assessment has been completed and it has been agreed to by the senior and the care team that this service can support the individual’s plan of care. The team member works closely with the senior’s support network and promotes independence, self-directed care, and quality of life through the coordination of appropriate services and support for the senior.

We offer services in Waterloo Wellington. Specifically, we have offices in Guelph, Fergus, Mount Forest, Cambridge, and Waterloo. Referrals for this service are made by one of the following areas of care: Specialized Geriatric Services, Geriatric Nurses in Primary Care, Emergency and Acute Care. The Intensive Geriatric Service is integrated within the Specialized Geriatric Service.

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