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Give Stocks and Securities

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A donation of publicly traded securities is an easy and strategic way to give.

When you give stocks, securities, or mutual funds, you pay no tax on the capital gain, reducing your out-of-pocket expense. Once the transfer is complete you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of your donation.

This is how it works
If you purchased shares with an original cost of $1000, and decide to sell your shared a few years later when they are valued at $5,000 you would have a capital gain of $4,000.

The chart below shows the difference between selling the shares and donating the after-tax proceeds, and what happens if you donate the shares directly to CMHA WW.

Sell securities for cash and donate after saleDonate securities directly to CMHA WW
Original Cost of Securities$1000$1000
Current Market Value$5000$5000
Capital Gain$4000$4000
Tax on Capital Gains$920$0
Donation Amount After Tax$4080$5000
($920 more for CMHA WW)
Your Charitable Tax Credit$1876$2300
(Charitable Tax Credit increases by $424)

To Donate Securities Download and Return the form:

If you would like to discuss your donation or require additional information, contact:

Beth King
Fund Development Manager
Phone  1-844-264-2993 ext. 2023

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