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Faces of CMHA WW: Breanna L.


1. What is involved in your role?

As a Mental Health Promotion and Education Coordinator, I work with my team to promote mental health and wellness, and provide education to members of the community, our service partners, and businesses.   I’m trained to deliver Mental Health First Aid, safeTALK, ASIST, In The Know and custom designed training for community partners. I also attend events in the community and at workplaces to promote mental health.  I, along with my team, are always looking for ways to connect with the community to keep the conversation about mental health and wellness going.

I am also a Here 24/7 Relief Service Coordinator.  Through this role I work frontline connecting with individuals who are in need of mental health support.

    2. Why did you become involved in the mental health field?

    My background is in nursing.  While completing my education, I completed a mental health placement.  It was challenging but rewarding opportunity that led to a passion for the mental health field to work within.  This passion has continued to grow throughout my career and it encourages me to make a difference in the world around me.

    3. Have you always worked in mental health?

    Most of my career has been within the mental health field. I have provided in-patient and community frontline nursing, residential mental health homes, community support organizations and educational/facilitator roles.

    4. How do you support people in your role?

    I have an opportunity to support people in various ways within my roles with CMHA.

    I’m able to connect with the public and spread knowledge about mental health and how to help themselves and others. I work within organizations to facilitate training with their staff to help increase their knowledge and skills with mental health/support. I have the privilege to spread awareness about suicide prevention and how to support those who are struggling.

    In my frontline relief role, I connect with individuals who are in distress and experiencing mental health struggles.  I also complete assessments and provide referrals to individuals and their families who are reaching out for support.

    5. What are you proud of during your time in your role?

    I am genuinely proud of being able to speak and share openly and honestly about suicide and mental health to decrease stigma.  I enjoy sharing knowledge and bringing awareness to help people learn how to offer support to those who are struggling.  I believe that providing education causes a ripple effect by helping people have open conversations about mental health so we can all feel comfortable reaching out for support when we need help. 

    If you are in crisis or wish to discuss whether CMHA WW has the right service for you, call Here 24/7: 1-844-437-3247 (HERE 247).

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