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Ride Don’t Hide Ambassador Spotlight: Shae Dupuy


CMHA Waterloo Wellington is honoured to have singer-songwriter Shae Dupuy join the 2018 Ride Don’t Hide as an Ambassador.

A Canadian Country Music Awards nominee from Cambridge, Ontario, Dupuy has become a mental health advocate in her own right through her ‘Strong Is Beautiful’ campaign, encouraging fans and followers to recognize beauty and strength in themselves for facing the challenges of every day. Her passion for songwriting came out of a time when she says she was at an emotional low point.

“When I was feeling low, music was where I turned — even before I was writing songs,” says Dupuy. “I was in high school, and I started withdrawing from everything in life. I started sleeping a lot, not eating, just really withdrawing from life in general.”

At her mother’s suggestion, she visited a doctor and was diagnosed with depression.

“Depression isn’t just about circumstance and what’s gone wrong in your life; it can be a chemical imbalance, it can be something that’s hereditary, or it can be something that just happens — and all of that’s okay,” she says. “It’s nothing to really be ashamed of; it’s an illness, and so many people struggle with it.”

On June 24th, Dupuy will lead a team for Ride Don’t Hide in Waterloo Wellington, encouraging others to take part in the conversation and support those in the community who need it most.

“Being a Ride Don’t Hide Ambassador, it’s something that’s so dear to my heart,” she says. “There is emotional strength, being brave and getting out of bed in the morning some days. That makes you strong.”

The largest mental health bike ride in Canada, Ride Don’t Hide celebrates its seventh year this year, coinciding with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s 100th anniversary. The Ride has generated nearly $6-million towards mental health programs and services in communities across Canada.

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