IN CRISIS OR NEED SUPPORT? Call Here 24/7 anytime! 1-844-437-3247

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Here 24/7 Crisis Support

CMHA WW provides a full care system for those with addictions, mental health or developmental needs. We serve everyone from children to adults to seniors, all under one roof. If you would like to connect with services immediately, or are not sure what you need, please call Here 24/7 at 1-844-437-3247 (HERE-247), TTY: 1-877-688-5501, or visit

We also offer services in French! To access these services or for more information, please call 1-844-CMHA WW3 (264-2993) Ext. 2080. To access services in French for 7-18 year olds, please call 1-800-471-1732 Ext. 2409. We are committed to improving access to our different services by providing interpretation. Let us know your language preference.

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