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Performance and Accountability: Our Story – Measuring and Evaluating Our Service Delivery

Client and Staff Safety Drives our Quality of Care Reviews

We continue to evaluate and improve the impact of person and family centre care. Quality of Care reviews allow health professionals to have open, confidential, transparent conversations about critical incidents involving patient care and quality improvement matters. Quality of Care reviews give us insights into how we can achieve a level of excellence in care. Client and staff safety is of the utmost importance to CMHA and QCC reviews are integral to maintaining safety. Our QCC committee is lead by an inter-professional team and includes staff involved in every incident, we also include, whenever possible family members or caregivers in the process. We use Quality of Care review opportunities to improve our system both internally and externally. The most significant outcome from QCC is to ensure a similar incident does not occur in the future.

For example:

CMHA is unique in having hired a full-time Pharmacist

We have hired a full-time Pharmacist to be part of our interdisciplinary care teams. This helps with knowledge transfer and sharing the most up-to-date expertise on medication with our staff to support our clients.

Our Pharmacist and Nursing Lead have refreshed our medication reconciliation process by training staff about how and when to review medication history with clients; this gives us a full picture of our client’s health and decreases potential errors.

Preventing Client and Staff Safety Events – Monitoring our Near Misses

Near misses are incidents that have occurred that could have potentially caused harm. We catch incidents that did not cause significant or serious harm, these are considered a good catch because we not only learn from these near misses; we implement better ways of providing care.

For example:

We have implemented a suicide prevention tool across all services. By tracking suicide attempts we have evidence that this significantly reduces completed suicides.

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