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Performance & Accountability: Our Story – Working with Our Partners to Improve the Whole System

Primary Care Referrals

Our highest number of referrals at CMHA WW come from primary care; therefore, it is essential that we work closely with these partners to provide exceptional service and care. We are working towards e-referrals to improve the collaboration of care around mental health. Primary care will be able to send referrals directly from client records and in real time be able to see the status of that referral through Here 24/7 for their patients.  E-referrals will help us provide better-integrated care.


How can we integrate the client and family voice into everything we do? We care about our clients and families experience of care with us and we want to hear their feedback. We have revised our Compliments, Complaints and Feedback policy, providing various ways to contribute valuable feedback to improve our system. There has been a significant increase in the number of individuals providing us with feedback about their experience with us. We have received positive feedback as well as constructive suggestions on how we can improve our service. Click here to find out how you can provide feedback to CMHA WW.

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