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CMHA calls for action on International Women’s Day


It’s time to press for progress.

That’s the theme of International Women’s Day this year. Celebrated on March 8 around the world, the annual awareness day has a special emphasis on action for gender parity, including in the mental health and addictions sector.

A number of studies on women’s health have demonstrated strong links between health status and socioeconomic factors affecting women, such as participation in public life, restricted decision-making, devalued role expectations, poverty, violence and sexual abuse.

Social and economic stresses coupled with the inequitable burdens imposed by role expectations have a negative impact on women’s health, happiness and potential for personal fulfillment and achievement.

There is need to reduce these social and economic gender disparities that impact women’s mental health. At the same time, mental health services specifically for women must be widely available. Lack of resources for women and young girls is a barrier that must be addressed.

CMHA is working to remove barriers like this by calling on all candidates in the upcoming provincial election to commit to erase the difference and fund mental health and addictions care the same as physical health care. By funding them the same, there is greater opportunity to make available women-specific mental health and addictions resources. Show your support by signing the petition at

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